Our commercial development process can be plugged into your current go-to-market system as needed.


Segmenting & Targeting

We use market insights and predictive Customer Lifetime Value approach in a reiterative and agile way in order to identify and target the segments with the highest value creation opportunity.

Sales Pipeline Build-Up

We use the latest technology, communication techniques and a proven lead generation process to engage business targets with speed and maximum impact.

Deal Making

We work closely with your internal functions as required and apply creative thinking and client/ sector insights in order to generate impactful proposals and close deals. 

Account Management

We provide continuous support at all stages of the after-sales process, from project coordination to developing long-term business relationships through strategic account management as needed. 

Performance Improvement

We share best practices and collect insights in a structured manner when engaging with the market in order to help your organisation to adapt its value proposition and operating model for success. 

Investor Search

We can manage the investor engagement process on your behalf, taking also advantage of our established networks of private equity funds and family offices.